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BRAEX Global Solutions LLC

BRAEX Global Solutions LLC is a contemporary company, located at 22735 SW 66 AVE - SUITE 206 Boca Raton - Florida 33428 - USA, focusing on the import and export of commodities, animal proteins and ores to all continents.

Our mission is to offer the best products to all nations, promote well-being and deprive by respecting the work of all peoples.

Our Vision is to supply the best quality commodities and become the leading export and import company in the Americas.

About us

Braex Global is a Trading Company founded by ecnonomists that operates in various economic activities around the world.

Braex do EUA was founded on January 1, 2020, in the city of Florida, initially focused its efforts on developing business through the countries. Its core business is import / export and trade in general. Since its foundation, Braex in Brazil has been increasing its investments in various areas of commerce and industries throughout Brazil / Europe / Asia / Africa.

Braex do Brasil professionals cover a wide variety of products and services organized in six operational divisions: Precious Metals, Animal Protein, Hospital Products, Grains and Commodities and Global Logistics.

About us

Foto Julio Oficial.jpg
Júlio Machado
Founder - CEO 

Economic Engineer, Bachelor of Economics, Information Systems and Accounting. Master in Administration. Course Coordinator and University Professor in Economic Sciences. Specialist in Economic and Financial Planning, Capital Markets and Foreign Exchange. He has worked as a Manager in Private Companies for over 20 years.


Bruno Chagas
Risk and Compliance Manager

Graduating in Economic Sciences.
Specialist in International Business with Minerals and Grains, Graphic Analysis, Market Researcher and has experiencein Tax and Financial Audit. Acts as International Trade Representative as well. Experience for over 4 years in the Capital Market and compliance.

Mateus Alonso Honório
Internacional Representant

Commercial Representative and International Relations. Resident in Switzerland, corresponds to the company's link in Europe and the Middle East. Specialist in the commercial relations of agricultural commodities, animal proteins and minerals. Resident in Europe for more than 10 years.

Foto Alex Oficial.jpg
Alex Rodrigo Firmino
Founder - CEO 

Graduated in Economic Sciences, Entrepreneur of Soccer Players in Brazil, Europe, Asia and the Americas, Former Soccer Player from Brazil, Europe and Asia. Specialist in International Trade. He has carried out work in more than 40 countries with more than 20 years' experience in international negotiations.

Alan Eduardo Firmino 
Marketing Manager

He acts as Director and Image Editor in the most varied segments, being one of the most important image editors in international football. More than 2 years experience in Commercial Representation of agricultural products and Minerals. He specializes in identifying and making reports on precious stones.

Foto Neto.jpeg
Jose Arruda Neto
Technician in Agricultural and Livestock Production

Graduated in Agriculture and Livestock Technician. Specialist in Gemology. Active for over 25 years in agronomy activities (coffee and grains in general); Livestock, poultry, zootechnics and Topography.

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